Network Monitoring

BTSi's Network Monitoring solution allows us to constantly monitor the status of your network, provide alerts when something on your network isn't right, and generate weekly or monthly status reports on the condition and use of your network devices, servers and workstations. It also allows us to monitor trends so that we can prevent problems before they happen and help you plan ahead for future hardware needs.

Managed Services

BTSi's Managed Services offering is a great way to smooth out your cash flow, while providing you with the confidence that your network and computers are always up to date and free of viruses and spyware. We keep your application software and network devices at their current release levels and running at their peak levels. We also provide unlimited support and maintenance for your computers and network devices. The best part is that Managed Services is a FLAT RATE service. No more support surprises.


BTSi can help you utilize today's technology to make your business more efficient. You get personal service, there's no reason to hire a full time information service staff, and we provide world class service and technical support.

PC and Network Administration

BTSi can handle all of your PC and network headaches while you concentrate on your business. We provide fast and local service, and support for Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office. Our Network Monitoring and Managed Services solutions keep your technology running smoothly, while smoothing out your cash flow.

Custom Programming

Get that "Big Business" customized software at "Small Business" cost. Get your software to conform to your business rather than have you business conform to your software. Unleash Microsoft Excel's power to work for you.